FCAT, NBCT, NBPTS, student performance


There has been much excitement over the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards; especially with regard to improving student achievement. Are Nationally Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) performing better than their non board certified counterparts? Does achieving National Board Certification mean that a teacher is "highly qualified?" What are the tangible effects on the achievement levels of students of Nationally Board Certified teachers? Much research has been conducted in the past few years to try to answer these questions. Currently, the results of much of this research are ambiguous at best. Most studies report little in the way of significant impact on student achievement by NBCTs. However, many studies show teachers self-reporting a strong positive impact on their own teaching and their feelings of efficacy. The state of Florida and the federal government have spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the past decade in pursuit of expanding the NBPTS as a means of ensuring highly qualified teachers for every student. This study aims to discover whether or not there is any definitive association between teachers who attain the national certification and higher student achievement on standardized tests specifically the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) in a local central Florida school district. The researcher attempted to determine if students assigned to classrooms of nationally board certified teachers outperformed students of comparable backgrounds that were assigned to classrooms of teachers that were not nationally certified. To accomplish this, the researcher looked at reading and math test scores of third grade students in nationally board certified teachers' classrooms and compared them with those of students assigned to non-nationally board certified teachers to determine if the gains made by one group were statistically significantly different from the other. Recommendations were made for further exploration of the link between NBCTs and student achievement.


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