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The objective of this research is to determine and develop a model that is capable of accurately measuring customer satisfaction for different industries and in particularly for the Printed Wiring Boards (PWB) Manufacturers. The new model will incorporate data not being collected or utilized by the survey method of determining customer satisfaction. The method used is a weighted average of satisfaction among several researched categories with percentages that accurately represent the relative importance of multiple facets of the PWB manufacturers customer satisfaction. A very common term in quality assurance is that "What is not measured accurately can not be evaluated or managed correctly," thus customer satisfaction is a very important aspect of any business, industry, or government. A satisfied customer will do more business and recommend it to other potential customers. Thus the business will grow and more revenues result. On the other hand, an unsatisfied customer will abandon the business and encourage more customers not to get involved with the same business so the business may decline and lose its market share and profitability. The categories that contribute to PWB customer satisfaction will be determined by conducting surveys among the leaders and best in the business of the PWB industry in addition to discovery of related articles that define the categories of the customer satisfaction for the PWB manufacturers. Once the categories are determined, the research concentrates on the weighting of the categories that most contribute to the PWB customer's satisfaction and a measure of satisfaction is derived. The model is easily applied to any other kind of PWB business or service industry. The model is based on empirical methods that will give an accurate measurement for the PWB customer's satisfaction. This in turn allows organizations the opportunity for improving customer satisfaction and increasing market share. The algorithm is based on characteristics deemed important by customers. Thus the customer satisfaction index can be computed and monitored on a regular basis without costly surveys. The major difference between this new model and the standard methods of determining customer satisfaction using the surveys is that this model will utilize data available with the proposals, sales, shipping, receiving, quality, engineering, manufacturing, and purchasing departments. The developed method to measure customer satisfaction utilizing internal data can be more cost effective, more accurate, can provide individual customer satisfaction scores, can measure whether or not these individual scores are statistically lower than the majority, and can provide satisfaction measures in real time none of which can be supplied by the survey method.

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