co-teaching, special education, FCAT, general education, secondary education


The purpose of this study was to investigate four research questions concerning the impact of co-teaching on general education students educated within a classroom inclusion model. General education students who received instruction during their 10th-grade year in a co-taught language arts or mathematics class were compared with other 10th-grade students receiving instruction from the same teacher but without the additional co-teacher. Achievement data from the Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test (FCAT) were gathered on these students. The state of Florida calculates and reports developmental scale scores (DSS) for students taking the FCAT. These scores are calculated to track student progress over time in relationship to the FCAT at each grade level. This study compared the difference in DSS from 9th-grade to 10th-grade of general education students in co-taught classes. It was determined in this study that there was no statistically significant difference for general education students in co-taught language arts classes but there was a significant difference for those in mathematics classes as compared to their peers not in co-taught classes. When below proficient general education students were compared there was a significant difference for students in mathematics co-taught classes compared to those not in co-taught classes, but not for those in language arts classes. Additional analyses were conducted to determine if co-teaching was a factor in the overall learning gain calculation used by the state of Florida. It was determined that there was no significant difference in learning gains of general education co-taught students as compared to peers not in co-taught classes. Information for school and district leaders was provided to guide decision making regarding the use of co-teaching as an inclusion model. Further research is necessary to fully understand the implications of co-teaching on general education students.


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