RF SAW Duplexer, SAW Duplexer Package, Full-wave Analysis


This dissertation provides a comprehensive methodology for accurate analysis and design of miniaturized radio frequency (RF) surface acoustic wave (SAW) duplexer package. Full-wave analysis based on the three dimensional (3-D) finite element method (FEM) is successfully applied to model the package. The die model is obtained by combining the acoustics and die busbars parasitics models. The acoustics model is obtained using the coupling-of-models (COM) technique. The die busbars, bonding wires and printed circuit board (PCB) are modeled using full-wave analysis. After that, the models of package, die, and bonding wires are assembled together to get the total response. To take into account the mutual couplings, the methodology is extended to model the package, die busbars, and bonding wires together. The advantages and disadvantages of the methodology are also discussed. Based on the methodology, the Korea personal communication system (KPCS) duplexer is analyzed and designed. The isolation of KPCS duplexer package is significantly improved by redesigning inner ground plane, bonding wire scheme and ground via. A KPCS duplexer package is designed and excellent transmitter to receiver isolation in the transmission band is achieved. Simulation and measurement results are compared, and excellent agreement is found. Although we focus on investigating the methods to improve the isolation, the passband performance is also improved. The methodology is also successfully used for flip chip duplexer. The simulation results from our assembling method match the measurement results very well. Optimization method is applied to improve the transmit band isolation. With the new package and die design, the transmit band isolation can be improved from -53.6 dB to -65.2 dB. Based on the new package, the effect of the Rx ground trace on the isolation is investigated and the transmit band isolation can achieve -67.3 dB with the modification of the Rx ground trace. The technique developed in this dissertation reduces the design cycle time greatly and can be applied to various RF SAW device packages.


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Wu, Thomas X.


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August 2010

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