I create innovative artistic works in which the experiential consciousness of the viewer drifts between objects, images, and the auditory narrative. The work approaches the visualization of memory and the catharsis of the loss felt from death. The projection of light onto lifeless entomological specimens mimics the projection of memory as a means to return to what has been lost. The digital copy of the specimen flickers across their bodies as a tribute to the movement that once possessed them. A List of Things that Quicken the Heart is a body of multimedia installation and single channel work that has been completed as part of my candidacy for an Emerging Media: Entrepreneurial Digital Cinema M.F.A. at the University of Central Florida. The single channel video work is created in the essay film mode. The visual elements of the piece are a blend of the effect of contextualizing disparate images and subjects. It is the means by which the audience is led to draw connections to the subject of memory without making any specific inferences. As the assembly of images takes place, so too does the assembly of theoretical and observational threads in the essay narration. As the filmmaker, I am speaking directly to the viewer about the implications of my experiences and observations. The editorial rhythm is such that the viewer is allowed brief pauses in the flow of information to meditate on the subject of nostalgia, and how the film incites them to consider the notion. There will also be an ambient audio component designed with the idea of creating a subtle, auditory contrast between familiar and uncanny ambient sounds. The correlating installations will serve as artifacts of memory, the physical objects relevant to my own nostalgia, which will help to serve as a recollection of the narration. In order to integrate them with the tone of the essay film, the narration will be played as a separate component through speakers that surround the space, so that it will envelope the viewer.


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Harris, Christopher


Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)


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Visual Arts and Design

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Emerging Media; Entrepreneurial Digital Cinema









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August 2020

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3 years

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Masters Thesis (Open Access)