Allocated time; assessment; education; instructional time; standardized test; student achievement; assessment administration; assessment preparation


To date, there is little current research which explores the effect of allocated assessment time and allocated instructional time as related to student achievement (Spanjers, Burns, & Wagner, 2008). Current educational reform has placed accountability and assessment at the forefront of public education (Hirsh, 2007; Jennings, 2012; Kallemeyn, 2009; NCLB, 2001; Supovitz, 2009). Research of time on task has demonstrated that there may be a positive correlation between the amount of time on task in learning activities and student achievement (Fredricks, McColskey, Meli, Mordica, Montrosse, & Mooney, (2011). There is current legislation to increase the time demands of assessment and the resulting decrease of allocated instructional time may result in lower levels of student achievement (Butler, 1926; 1936; Brophy, Rohrkemper, Rashid, & Goldwater, 1982; Carroll, 1963; Doppelt, Mehalik, Schunn, Silk, & Krysinski, 2008; Spanjers, Burns, & Wagner, 2008; Wyss, Dolenc, Kong, & Tai, 2013). The purpose of this study was to compare allocated assessment time to allocated instructional time in small, medium, and large school districts in Florida. A sample of 12 school districts was selected representing small, medium, and large school districts based on student enrollment from Florida Education Finance Plan (FEFP) data. Data related to State and school district mandated assessments were collected for each school district using school district testing calendars and State assessment calendars. These data were examined and the number of minutes spent on each assessment was calculated. The calculation was used to determine the amount of time spent on State and school district mandated assessment. Allocated instructional time was calculated using the difference in allocated time and allocated assessment time. In addition, data were analyzed to determine what, if any, relationship existed between allocated assessment time and school district size as well as student achievement. Time lost to assessment preparation was also included in the determination of allocated assessment time.


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