Tpack, technology integration, case study


The purpose of this dissertation was to explore the perceived and demonstrated technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) of practicing elementary teachers in an urban charter school setting. Contextual factors that influence teachers' abilities to apply technology integration knowledge were also identified. A qualitative research design with multiple case study strategy was used to study practicing teachers in a charter school setting in two phases. The first phase of the study included nine participants and used the Teachers' Knowledge of Teaching and Technology Survey to garner insight on teachers' perceived technological pedagogical content knowledge. Descriptive statistical procedures were used to calculate a mean score for each subscale of the TPACK components. Of the nine teachers, two teachers volunteered to participate in the second phase of the study in addition to two administrators. Data collection methods included document collection, observations, and interviews. Within-analysis procedures were used to specify each participant as an individual case. Interviews with school administrators provided insight into contextual factors at the school. Lastly, cross-case analysis procedures were used to construct the final narrative. The findings from Phase I indicated teacher scores related to statements concerning technology-related components: technology knowledge (Mean = 3.67, SD =.62), technological content knowledge (Mean = 3.67, SD=.45), technological pedagogical knowledge (Mean = 3.74, SD=.68), and technological pedagogical content knowledge (Mean = 3.6, SD=.94) were neutral. Findings from the within-analysis and cross-case analysis revealed that both teachers used all of the components in practice with limited to no use of technological content knowledge. The findings from the within-analysis and cross-case analysis revealed that teachers: (a) had a solid foundation of technology knowledge, (b) had limited knowledge of technological content knowledge, (c) supported pedagogical goals, and (d) addressed student learning needs. In addition, the findings revealed that contextual factors related to the teachers' use of technology integration knowledge were resource-related. The discussion and implications highlighted the need for professional development and up-to-date resources for teachers in urban charter schools.


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Hirumi, Atsusi


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May 2014

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