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This thesis will explore the execution of the monograph role of "Anton Chekhov" in the original one-act play, An Evening with Anton Chekhov. The play script, rehearsal and public performances of the piece are all self- generated by the candidate, with the proper assistance of the thesis committee. This written thesis serves as the completion of the thesis project, and includes analysis of several key areas of the development of the script and thesis role. This document includes the original script with endnotes and a structural analysis. Social and historical background of the character, Anton Chekhov, a real person, is presented. This background includes the history as it pertains to Anton Chekhov and the national mindset in pre-revolutionary Russia. This background is integral in not only the development of the character, but also of the script which supports the character. Much of what is contained in the script is from correspondences, anecdotes, and written material from and about Anton Chekhov. These materials will be used as interpretive tools in the development of the character, and includes clues to physical appearance and personality. The character analysis contained herein is, in part, a reflection of these historical and environmental concerns. In addition, external and internal portrayal and the means used to achieve them are discussed. These means include physical and vocal techniques for the stage in conjunction with the use of emotional recall, behaving "as if," and being emotionally and energetically present for the acting partner. Since this is a "one man show," the acting partner will take the form of the audience as other or confidante. This phenomenon, and its effect on the performance, is included in the written thesis. The acting approach in execution of the monograph will also be reflected in a journal, which will contain a record of the successes, challenges, choices and adjustments made in the rehearsal/performance process. Included among these will be the various adjustments made in order to achieve a higher level of spontaneity in movement and transition, and how this semi-improvisational approach aided in adjusting to each unique audience in performance. Analysis will be provided by members of the committee. Dr. Julia Listengarten and Mark Brotherton will submit performance analysis, while the committee chair, Dr. Donald Seay will also provide rehearsal reports. Script work on An Evening with Anton Chekhov will begin in October of 2005, with rehearsals commencing on February 6, 2006. Two performances will be given at the Black Box theatre on the campus of UCF on Monday, February 27, and Tuesday February 28, 2006.


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