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Co-chairs: Dr. Donna Baumbach Dr. Gail West Background: Electronic portfolios are increasingly used to make critical decisions about teacher candidates and program accreditation. Adoption rates for portfolios are at nearly 90% for schools, colleges, and departments of education (Salzman, Denner, & Harris, 2002). Over 50% of institutions who rated themselves or were nominated by others as exemplary users of electronic portfolios use web-based database-driven electronic portfolio systems (Strudler & Wetzel, 2005b; Wetzel & Strudler, 2005b). There is a paucity of theory-driven, systematic, rigorous research on electronic portfolios and a need for in-depth, context-aware research on such initiatives. Purpose: To explicate the differential impact of different portfolios systems on preservice teachers. The overarching research question was, "What are the preservice teachers' experiences using tools to create an electronic portfolio?" Setting: The Teachers College at a large university and the Education Department at a small liberal arts college. Participants: Six preservice teachers at each institution served as key participants. Informal interviews with numerous other participants provided additional data. Research Design: Qualitative multi-site case study informed by Engeström's Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) (Engeström, 1987). Data Collection and Analysis: Document analysis, focus group interviews, individual interviews, thinkaloud work sessions, and lab and classroom observations provided data. Qualitative data analysis was informed by Creswell's "data analysis spiral" and Engeström's CHAT. Findings: Visits at both institutions presented several of the key ideas in the CHAT framework including the networked nature of activity, the portfolio as a boundary activity, contradictions within the portfolio activity, and changes to the portfolio activity system. Additional themes included transition, creativity, reflection, and resources.


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Fiedler_Rebecca_L_200605_PhD_1of19.wav (7045 kB)
Multimedia 1: David shares his early concern about the digital portfolio project (00:41)

Fiedler_Rebecca_L_200605_PhD_2of19.wav (12818 kB)
Multimedia 2. Adah speaks about writing reflections and her switch to teacher preparation (01:14)

Fiedler_Rebecca_L_200605_PhD_3of19.wav (13966 kB)
Multimedia 3. Monica discusses portfolio requirement at MSU Teachers College (01:21)

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Multimedia 4. Tiffany takes part of the responsibility for her challenges (00:22)

Fiedler_Rebecca_L_200605_PhD_5of19.wav (8735 kB)
Multimedia 5. Gabrielle explains the hardest part of the portfolio authoring experience (00:51)

Fiedler_Rebecca_L_200605_PhD_6of19.wav (4112 kB)
Multimedia 6. Sarah describes the challenges of implementing changes in education (00:24)

Fiedler_Rebecca_L_200605_PhD_7of19.wav (5225 kB)
Multimedia 7. Amanda explains why she bought a laptop computer (00:30)

Fiedler_Rebecca_L_200605_PhD_8of19.wav (12432 kB)
Multimedia 8. Astra describes the value of starting the portfolio process early (01:12)

Fiedler_Rebecca_L_200605_PhD_9of19.wav (6475 kB)
Multimedia 9. Mallory talks about using portfolio assessment with future students (00:38)

Fiedler_Rebecca_L_200605_PhD_10of19.wav (8332 kB)
Multimedia 10. Phoebe explains her “wait and see” attitude (00:48)

Fiedler_Rebecca_L_200605_PhD_11of19.wav (8770 kB)
Multimedia 11. Anne talks about how she has learned HTML (00:51)

Fiedler_Rebecca_L_200605_PhD_12of19.wav (18666 kB)
Multimedia 12. Tucker shares an anecdote about his father and his portfolio (01:48)

Fiedler_Rebecca_L_200605_PhD_13of19.wav (15603 kB)
Multimedia 13. Cathy explains being caught in the transition (01:38) (24920 kB)
Multimedia 14. Video showing the variety of portfolios created at Mason State University (04:32)

Fiedler_Rebecca_L_200605_PhD_15of19.avi (50942 kB)
Multimedia 15. Movie tour of portfolios created at VendorBuilt College. Students demonstrate creativity within the constraints of their tools and requirements (07:16)

Fiedler_Rebecca_L_200605_PhD_16of19.wav (8034 kB)
Multimedia 16. Phoebe talks about the many discussions she and her peers had regarding artifact placement (00:47)

Fiedler_Rebecca_L_200605_PhD_17of19.wav (13489 kB)
Multimedia 17. Anne explains portfolio-related stress and late night work sessions (01:28)

Fiedler_Rebecca_L_200605_PhD_18of19.wav (16098 kB)
Multimedia 18. Anne describes her roommates' concern after her late night work sessions (01:33)

Fiedler_Rebecca_L_200605_PhD_19of19.avi (20988 kB)
Multimedia 19. Video tour of Angela's Classroom Management Plan and template (04:05)