Increasing uncertainty, such as Covid-19 and weather changes, threatens BCT (Basic Cadet Training) at ROKAFA (Republic of Korea Air Force Academy). In preparation for the changing and adverse environment, this study carried out the following steps to propose a system improvement utilizing LVC (Live, Virtual, Constructive) in BCT system at ROKAFA; 1) Researching the examples of BCT and LVC by advanced countries, 2) Analyzing BCT (ROKAFA) through systems approach (document analysis, survey of 140 cadets and officers, written interviews with military experts), 3) Applying LVC to BCT. BCT is a vital step in the transition from civilian to military status (ROKAFA, 2022), which has significant components such as the environment, its plan, the motivation of trainees, and training instructors. A review of BCT systems of the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Sweden revealed that South Korea and the United States are the most similar. After analyzing BCT through the systems approach, it was identified that BCT has no alternative training despite time constraints (4 weeks). Besides, 87.9% of trainees and instructors experienced changes in BCT plan, and 4.86 ( > 4: Neutral) agreed with improvement in BCT. There was a significant correlation between negative emotions when changing training plans and the desire to improve BCT; the correlation coefficient (r) is 0.317 (p-value < 0.001). Respondents provided positive feedback ( > 4: Neutral) on nine of the 14 LVC training cases that would be applied to BCT, with Q25 (formerly Eagle training, not conducted since 2002) being ranked as the most needed training with a score of 4.74. Military experts advised considering the training development needed for Korea Air Force Academy cadets, system development through a long-term plan, and cost-effectiveness when applying LVC to BCT. The application of LVC in military training is inevitable because it is a proactive alternative training to prepare for the future and guide the way forward, and many advanced countries have already recognized the importance of LVC and are using it for the future military. In addition, LVC enables the accumulation of data to personalize the training data of Korea Air Force cadets even after enrollment. There are limitations of this study that need to be overcome, such as increasing the awareness of LVC among participants, performing Heuristic decision analysis when choosing alternative plans (Blanchard, 2014), and confirming the actual effect of LVC before and after its application.


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