The purpose of this paper is to systemize the Crew Resource Management (CRM) by adding new safety factors to prevent and manage aviation safety accidents caused by human errors. Although the aviation industry has been growing and aviation accidents have significantly decreased due to the advancement of aviation technology, aviation accidents caused by human factors have not significantly decreased. About 80% of aircraft accidents are caused by pilot errors around the world. The most common factor is 'Vertigo' from physical limitations of the human body and misunderstanding of flight information, so-called 'Spatial Disorientation (SD). When a pilot experiences SD, it is difficult for him or her to recognize the abnormal situation and overcome it without external assistance. Pilots with higher rank and position are usually more experienced, but that does not necessarily mean they are physically stronger than co-pilots, nor are they exempt from falling into the illusion of flight (i.e., SD situation). Many flight accidents are caused by human factors since there isn't a proper level of communication between pilots. I began the research to apply the economic concept 'Nudge Theory' to flight situations while contemplating how to effectively advise the copilot so that the leader pilot would not be offended. I will seek ways to improve the flight system under the assumption that an additional safety management system within the cockpit can naturally reduce accidents due to human factors to prevent flight accidents. The new aviation safety management system has the flexibility to be applied to a variety of aircraft and flight systems and must be configured according to the characteristics of the aviation personnel. Investigation can be used if necessary, to extract the data needed to develop each item.


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