The UCF Faculty Bibliography is a unified bibliography of scholarship authored by University of Central Florida faculty since 1978. The records included here were taken from Web of Science.


Works from 1989

Acceptance Sampling Design By Computer - Optimality Concerns

Accurate Abinitio Calculation On The Low-Energy Elastic-Scattering Of Electrons From Helium

A Class Of Decreasing Functions

Adjustable Incentive Stock-Options And Agency Problems

Alkaline-Hydrolysis Of 1,3-Dibromo-1,1-Difluoroalkanes - A 2-Step Vinyl Carboxylation

A Microcomputer Application In Engineering Anthropometry

A Model For Multinational Space Cooperation - The Inter-Agency-Consultative-Group

An Adjustment for a Test Concerning A Principal Component Subspace

Analysis Of Buffer Behavior With Asynchronous Arrival And Output Processes

Analysis Of Heat And Momentum Transport Along A Moving Surface

Analytical Base-Collector Heterojunction Capacitance Model Including Collector Current Effects

A New Gain Of Function Phenotype Associated With Inversion Uab, A Bithorax-Complex Mutant

A New Trend - Creative And Innovative Corporate Environments

An Exact Solution For The Nearly-Stationary Flow Of A Warm Fluid

An Examination Of Loneliness Among Elderly Canadian Seasonal Residents In Florida

An Examination Of The Yield Spread Between Insured And Uninsured Debt

A Note On January Returns In The United-States-Government Bond Market - The Term Effect

A Physics-Based Bipolar-Transistor Model For Low-Temperature Circuit Simulation

A Reinvestigation Of The Reaction Of Hydrazine Hydrate With 2-Substituted Styryl-4-Quinazolones

A Remark On Regular Operators

A Search For Agrochemicals From Peruvian Plants

A Statistical-Theory For The Distribution Of Energy-Dissipation In Intermittent Turbulence

A Unified Analysis Of Batched Searching Of Sequential And Tree-Structured Files

Auto-Ionizing Resonances 4D- Nl In Cadmium

Better Breast-Milk For Preemies

Biographical Dictionary Of American Sports - Football - Porter,Dl

Biology Of The Bluntnose Stingray, Dasyatis-Sayi, In Florida Coastal Lagoons

Black,Hugo And The Wall Of Separation Between Church And State

Canadian Investment In Northern New-York - Impact Of Exchange-Rates On Foreign Direct-Investment

Cardiac Complications In Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (Aids) - A Review

Cauchy Completion Categories

Charney Hasegawa Mima Equation - A General-Class Of Exact-Solutions

Circuit Modeling Of Transient Emitter Crowding And Dynamic Resistance Effects For Advanced Bipolar-Transistors

Cognitive Mapping And The Origin Of Language And Mind

Combined Free And Forced-Convection In Hydromagnetic Flows, In Vertical Wavy Channels, With Traveling Thermal Waves

Common-Emitter Current Gain Of Alxga1-Xas/Gaas/Gaas Heterojunction Bipolar-Transistors Operating At Small Collector Current

Comparison Of The Properties Of Titanium-Dioxide Films Prepared By Various Techniques

Compensation Control Mechanisms In The American-States

Computer-Aided Software Engineering And Ada -- The Technological Marriage Of The Decade

Computer Awareness And Usage By Industrial Marketers

Confronting Revolution, Security Through Diplomacy In Central-America - Blachman,Mj, Leogrande,Wm, Sharpe,Ke

Cost And Performance Of A Membrane Pilot-Plant

Cutaneous Fibropapillomas Of Green Turtles (Chelonia-Mydas)

Defining Service Quality Is Difficult For Service And Manufacturing Firms

Degree Of Approximation Of Holder Continuous-Functions

Design Of Nonpolarizing Achromatic Beam-Splitters With Dielectric Multilayer Coatings

Economically-Based Acceptance Sampling Plans

Effects Of Band-Gap Narrowing On Common-Emitter Current Gain Of Gaas Homojunction Bipolar-Transistors

Efficient Modeling Of Dominant Transform Components Representing Time-Varying Signals

Enhancing Arithmetic And Tree-Based Coding

Ergonomic Issues In Quality-Control

Expert Systems Can Do Job Shop Scheduling - An Exploration And A Proposal

Fractal Formation Of A Y-Ba-Cu-O Thin-Film On Srtio3

Gate Matrix Layout Revisited - Algorithmic Performance And Probabilistic Analysis

Generalized Reliability Results For 1-Out-Of-N-G Repairable Systems

'Goya Y El Gran Capitan'

Handling Time In Query Languages

Hard Judicial Choices - Federal District Court Judges And State And Local Officials - Cooper,Pj

Hardware Algorithms For Determining Similarity Between 2 Strings

High-sensitivity, Single-beam N2 Measurements

Huck-Finn Revisited - A 19Th-Century Look At 20Th-Century Organization Theory

Hypothermic Stunning And Mortality Of Marine Turtles In The Indian River Lagoon System, Florida

Ideals Differential Under High-Order Derivations

Independent Revocation Of Access Rights In Database-Management Systems

Indian Givers - How The Indians Of The Americas Transformed The World - Weatherford,J

Inference Engine For Material Handling Selection

Ingrid - A Graph Invariant Manipulator

Inhibition Of Murine Lymphokine-Activated Killer (Lak) Cell-Activity By Adherent Cells

Intermittency Corrections To Spectra Of Temperature-Fluctuations In Isotropic Turbulence

Investigation Of High-Current Effects On The Current Gain Of Alxga1-Xas/Gaas/Gaas Abrupt Heterojunction Bipolar-Transistors

Karmarkar Projective Method For Linear-Programming - A Computational Appraisal

K-Shell Photoionization of Beryllium

Laser-Induced Damage And The Role Of Self-Focusing

Low-Energy Elastic-Scattering Of Electrons From Neon Atoms

Material Characteristics Of Titanium Sapphire

Microcomputer Applications in an Industrial-Engineering Curriculum

Microstructure Analysis Of Thin-Films Deposited By Reactive Evaporation And By Reactive Ion Plating

Mode Competition In Long-Pulse Fels

Modeling The Non-Quasi-Static Metal-Semiconductor Space-Charge-Region Capacitance

Modeling The Two-Dimensional Emitter-Base And Base-Collector Junction Capacitances Of Bipolar Junction Transistors

Modulational Instability Of Electrostatic Drift Waves In An Inhomogeneous-Plasma

Modulational Stability Of The Wave-Train Solutions Of The Zakharov-Kuznetsov Equation

Nonlinear Ion-Acoustic-Waves In A Magnetized Plasma And The Zakharov Kuznetsov Equation

Numerical Multiconfiguration Self-Consistent-Field Studies Of Atomic Photoionization Cross-Sections - Dynamical Core-Polarization Effects In Atomic Potassium

On Harmonic Boehmians

On The Size Of Graphs Of A Given Bandwidth

Optimal Corner Detector

Ordered Probabilistic Metric-Spaces

Parallel Coloring Of Graphs - 2 Approximate Algorithms

Performance-Appraisal In Higher-Education - Comparing Departments Of Management With Other Business Units

Persistence Factors For Mobile Source (Roadway) Carbon-Monoxide Modeling

Pole And Zero Estimation In Linear Circuits

Pricing An Industrial Service

Principal-Teacher Interactions In Instructionally Effective And Ordinary Elementary-Schools

Propagation Of Alfven Waves In An Isothermal Atmosphere Including The Effects Of Displacement Currents

Protection Or Free-Trade - An Analysis Of The Ideas Of George,Henry On International Commerce And Wages

Psychology And The Military - Research Applications And Trends

Pyrrolidine, Piperidine, And Pyridine Alkaloids

Radiation-Pattern Of A Test Reflector Antenna From Near-Field Measurements Over Focal Region Of A Coupled Lens Or Offset Reflector

Radiation-Pattern Of Parabolic Reflector Antenna From Near-Field Measurements Of Coupled Reflector