The UCF Faculty Bibliography is a unified bibliography of scholarship authored by University of Central Florida faculty since 1978. The records included here were taken from Web of Science.


Works from 1989

Cardiac Complications In Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (Aids) - A Review, Louis J. Acierno

A Statistical-Theory For The Distribution Of Energy-Dissipation In Intermittent Turbulence, L. C. Andrews, R. L. Phillips, B. K. Shivamoggi, J. K. Beck, and M. L. Joshi

Analysis Of Buffer Behavior With Asynchronous Arrival And Output Processes, M. A. Bassiouni

Handling Time In Query Languages, M. A. Bassiouni and M. Llewellyn

Enhancing Arithmetic And Tree-Based Coding, M. A. Bassiouni, A. Mukherjee, and N. Ranganathan

Software And Hardware Enhancement Of Arithmetic Coding, M. A. Bassiouni, N. Ranganathan, and Amar Mukherjee

Solid-State Lasers Develop New Capabilities, M. Bass

Comparison Of The Properties Of Titanium-Dioxide Films Prepared By Various Techniques, Jean M. Bennett, Emile Pelletier, G. Albrand, J. P. Borgogno, B. Lazarides, Charles K. Carniglia, R. A. Schmell, Thomas H. Allen, Trudy Tuttle-Hart, Karl H. Guenther, and Andreas Saxer

A Class Of Decreasing Functions, B. S. Bertram, R. S. Rodriguez, H. Sherwood, and O. G. Ruehr

Expert Systems Can Do Job Shop Scheduling - An Exploration And A Proposal, J. E. Biegel and L. J. Wink

The Process And Outcomes Of Gender Bias In Elementary-Schools - A Nigerian Case, Karen Biraimah

Ideals Differential Under High-Order Derivations, Roland M. Bommer

Spatial-Filtering By A Line-Scanned Nonrectangular Detector - Application To Sprite Readout Mtf, Glenn D. Boreman and Allen E. Plogstedt

Acceptance Sampling Design By Computer - Optimality Concerns, G. H. Brooks

Analysis Of Heat And Momentum Transport Along A Moving Surface, P. R. Chappidi and F. S. Gunnerson


Fractal Formation Of A Y-Ba-Cu-O Thin-Film On Srtio3, L. Chow, J. Chen, V. Desai, K. Sundaram, and S. Arora

Scattering From Periodic Strip Gratings Via The Secant-Spectral Iterative Method, G. C. Christodoulou, R. J. Middelveen, and J. F. Kaufman

A Note On January Returns In The United-States-Government Bond Market - The Term Effect, R. Clayton, J. Delozier, and M. C. Ehrhardt

Performance-Appraisal In Higher-Education - Comparing Departments Of Management With Other Business Units, Ronald W. Clement and George E. Stevens

Review: The Book Culture of A Colonial American City: Philadelphia Books, Bookmen, and Booksellers, Lyell Lectures In Bibliography 1985-6 by Wolf, E., Trevor Colbourn

Stigmatizing Artifacts And Their Effect On Personal-Space, Leslie Conigliaro, Sharon Cullerton, Kim E. Flynn, and Sharlene Roeder

Persistence Factors For Mobile Source (Roadway) Carbon-Monoxide Modeling, C. David Cooper

Review: Biographical Dictionary Of American Sports, Football by Porter, D. I., Richard C. Crepeau

Parallel Coloring Of Graphs - 2 Approximate Algorithms, Sajal K. Das and Narsingh Deo

Gate Matrix Layout Revisited: Algorithmic Performance And Probabilistic Analysis, Sajal K. Das, Narsingh Deo, and Sushil Prasad

The Axisymmetric Cauchy-Poisson Problem In A Stratified Liquid, L. Debnath and U. B. Guha

Toeplitz Networks And Their Properties, N. Deo and M. S. Krishnamoorthy

Karmarkar Projective Method For Linear-Programming: A Computational Appraisal, Mahesh H. Dodani and A. J. G. Babu

Separation Of Powers, M. H. Dodani, C. E. Hughes, and J. M. Moshell

Psychology And The Military - Research Applications And Trends, J. E. Driskell and B. Olmstead

On The Size Of Graphs Of A Given Bandwidth, Ronald D. Dutton and Robert C. Brigham

Ingrid: A Graph Invariant Manipulator, Ronald D. Dutton, Robert C. Brigham, and Fernando Gomez


Scattering By A Perfectly Conducting Strip Loaded With A Dielectric Cylinder (Tm Case), A. Z. Eisherbeni and M. Hamid

Alkaline-Hydrolysis Of 1,3-Dibromo-1,1-Difluoroalkanes - A 2-Step Vinyl Carboxylation, Seth Elsheimer, Darlene K. Slattery, Mariana Michael, Jennifer Weeks, and Kelly Topoleski

The Role Of Inspection In Automated Manufacturing, Ahmad K. Elshennawy

Ergonomic Issues In Quality-Control, Ahmad K. Elshennawy, Chin H. Lee, and Mary I. Hines

Thermodynamic Partial Derivatives And Experimentally Measurable Quantities, Gentil A. Estevez, Kai Yang, and Basah B. Dasgupta

Defining Service Quality Is Difficult For Service And Manufacturing Firms, B. Farsad and A. K. Elshennawy

A New Trend - Creative And Innovative Corporate Environments, Lloyd W. Fernald Jr.

Independent Revocation Of Access Rights In Database-Management Systems, D. A. Goldberg and A. Orooji

Toxicants From Mangrove Plants .5. Isolation Of The Piscicide, 2-Hydroxy-5-Methoxy-3-Undecyl-1,4 Benzoquinone (5-O-Methylembelin) From Aegiceras-Corniculatum, Edgardo Gomez, Ofelia De La Cruz-Giron, Armando A. De La Cruz, Balawant S. Joshi, Vallapa Chirrawong, and D. Howard Miles

Material Characteristics Of Titanium Sapphire, B. Gu, M. Birnbaum, B. Leong, and M. Bass


Microstructure Analysis Of Thin-Films Deposited By Reactive Evaporation And By Reactive Ion Plating, Karl H. Guenther, Boon Loo, David Burns, Jo Edgell, Debbie Windham, and Karl-Heinz Müller

The Reaction Of Quaternary Ammonium-Salts Derived From 2-Aryl-3-(N, N-Dimethylamino)-1-Propenes With Oxygen Containing Nucleophiles, John T. Gupton, John Dicesare, Joan Brown, and John p. Idoux

The Reaction Of Quaternary Ammonium-Salts Derived From 2-Aryl-3-(N,N-Dimethylamino)-1-Propenes With Some Enolate Anions, John T. Gupton, Dale Krolikowski, and Mark Rusler

A Reinvestigation Of The Reaction Of Hydrazine Hydrate With 2-Substituted Styryl-4-Quinazolones, John T. Gupton and Ajit Shah


Segmentation Using Intensity And Range Data, Jay K. Hackett and Mubarak Shah

Pole And Zero Estimation In Linear Circuits, S. B. Haley and P. J. Hurst

Safety Of Microscale General-Chemistry Experiments, M. D. Hampton

Talking About The Unspeakable In A Secretive Institution - Health And Disability Among Supreme-Court Justices, R. B. Handberg

Radiation-Pattern Of Parabolic Reflector Antenna From Near-Field Measurements Of Coupled Reflector, M. Hoque, M. Hamid, A. Rahman, and A. Z. Elsherbeni

Inference Engine For Material Handling Selection, Yasser A. Hosni

An Examination Of The Yield Spread Between Insured And Uninsured Debt, L. P. Hsueh and P. R. Chandy

Cutaneous Fibropapillomas Of Green Turtles (Chelonia-Mydas), E. R. Jacobson, J. L. Mansell, J. P. Sundberg, L. Hajjar, M. E. Reichmann, L. M. Ehrhart, M. Walsh, and F. Murru


Auto-Ionizing Resonances 4D- Nl In Cadmium, J. Jiménez-Mier, C. D. Caldwell, and M. O. Krause

A Model For Multinational Space Cooperation: The Inter-Agency-Consultative-Group, J. Johnsonfreese

Cauchy Completion Categories, D. C. Kent and G. D. Richardson

Ordered Probabilistic Metric-Spaces, D. C. Kent and G. D. Richardson

Mode Competition In Long-Pulse Fels, Isidoro Kimel and Luis R. Elias

Relationship Between External Morphology Of Larval And Adult Cuticles In Drosophila-Melanogaster, D. T. Kuhn, M. Sawyer, J. Ventimiglia, G. Packert, and T. E. Sprey

A Unified Analysis Of Batched Searching Of Sequential And Tree-Structured Files, Sheau-Dong Lang, James R. Driscoll, and Jiann H. Jou

Ways To Monitor (And Solve) The Pay-Compression Problem, W. C. Lawther

Compensation Control Mechanisms In The American-States, Wendell C. Lawther, Earle C. Traynham, and Kenneth M. Jennings

A Microcomputer Application In Engineering Anthropometry, C. H. Lee and G. A. Shaykian

The Use Of Sql And 2Nd Generation Database-Management Systems For Data-Processing And Information-Retrieval In Libraries, W. Leigh and N. Paz

Computer-Aided Software Engineering And Ada -- The Technological Marriage Of The Decade, Darrell G. Linton and Maria A. Cianci

Generalized Reliability Results For 1-Out-Of-N-G Repairable Systems, D. G. Linton

Analytical Base-Collector Heterojunction Capacitance Model Including Collector Current Effects, J. J. Liou

Common-Emitter Current Gain Of Alxga1-Xas/Gaas/Gaas Heterojunction Bipolar-Transistors Operating At Small Collector Current, J. J. Liou

Effects Of Band-Gap Narrowing On Common-Emitter Current Gain Of Gaas Homojunction Bipolar-Transistors, J. J. Liou

Investigation Of High-Current Effects On The Current Gain Of Alxga1-Xas/Gaas/Gaas Abrupt Heterojunction Bipolar-Transistors, J. J. Liou

Theoretical-Study Of Forward-Voltage Heterojunction Space-Charge-Region Capacitance Including Interface-State Effects, J. J. Liou

Modeling The Non-Quasi-Static Metal-Semiconductor Space-Charge-Region Capacitance, J. J. Liou and D. C. Malocha

Modeling The Two-Dimensional Emitter-Base And Base-Collector Junction Capacitances Of Bipolar Junction Transistors, J. J. Liou, A. Whittaker, and J. S. Yuan

Physics-Based Bipolar Transistor Model For Low-Temperature Circuit Simulation, J. J. Liou and J. S. Yuan

Inhibition Of Murine Lymphokine-Activated Killer (Lak) Cell-Activity By Adherent Cells, Ross E. Longley, Dedra Stewart, Kimberly G. Roe, and Robert A. Good

Protection Or Free-Trade - An Analysis Of The Ideas Of George,Henry On International Commerce And Wages, Thomas L. Martin

Efficient Modeling Of Dominant Transform Components Representing Time-Varying Signals, W. B. Mikhael and A. S. Spanias

A Remark On Regular Operators, Piotr Mikusinski

On Harmonic Boehmians, Piotr Mikusinski

A Search For Agrochemicals From Peruvian Plants, D. H. Miles, J. Meideros, Liza Chen, Vallapa Chirrawong, Colin Swithenbank, Zev Lidert, Allen Matthew Payne, and Paul A. Hedin

Toxicants From Mangrove Plants .6. Heritonin, A New Piscicide From The Mangrove Plant Heritiera-Littoralis, D. Howard Miles, Anna-Maria Ly, Vallapa Chittawong, Armando A. De La Cruz, and Edgardo D. Gomez

Degree Of Approximation Of Holder Continuous-Functions, R. N. Mohapatra

The War On Drugs - A New United-States National-Security Doctrine, Waltraud Queiser Morales

Review: Confronting Revolution, Security Through Diplomacy In Central America by Blachman, M. J., Leogrande, W. M. & Sharpe, K. E., W. Q. Morales

Computer Awareness And Usage By Industrial Marketers, Michael H. Morris, Alvin C. Burns, and Ramon A. Avila

Pricing An Industrial Service, Michael H. Morris and Donald A. Fuller

Reentry - A Source Of Non-Traditional Faculty, Lucy Morse

Hardware Algorithms For Determining Similarity Between 2 Strings, A. Mukherjee

An Examination Of Loneliness Among Elderly Canadian Seasonal Residents In Florida, Larry C. Mullins, Richard D. Tucker, C. F. Longino, and V. Marshall

Research Needs And Challenges In Application Of Computer And Information Sciences For Industrial-Engineering, Shimon Y. Nof, S. E. Elmaghraby, Gavrtel Salvendy, Deborah J. Seifert, Tibor Vamos, John A. White, Hans-Jorg Bullinger, A. Alan, B. Pmtsker, A. W. Scheer, Daniel Teichroew, A. B. Whinston, and Gary E. Whitehouse

A New Gain Of Function Phenotype Associated With Inversion Uab, A Bithorax-Complex Mutant, G. Packert and D. T. Kuhn

Black, Hugo And The Wall Of Separation Between Church And State, B. A. Perry

Review: Hard Judicial Choices: Federal District Court Judges And State And Local Officials by Cooper, P. J., B. A. Perry

Review: Who Guards The Guardians: Judicial Control Of Administration by Shapiro, M., B. A. Perry

Pyrrolidine, Piperidine, And Pyridine Alkaloids, A. R. Pinder

Optimal Corner Detector, Krishnan Rangarajan, Mubarak Shah, and David Vanbrackle

The Kinkajou (Potos-Flavus) As A Myrmecophage, K. H. Redford, A. M. Stearman, and J. C. Trager

'Goya Y El Gran Capitan', M. Redmon

'Raices El Rocio E Introduccion Al Rastro', M. Redmon