Factor Structure of the Denyes Self Care Practice Instrument (DSCPI-90 (c))

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This study evaluates the factor structure and concurrent validity of a measure of self-care, the Denyes Self Care Practice Instrument (DSCPI-90 (c)), when used with adults. Three hundred eight participants complete the 18-item DSCPI-90 (c) and a measure of general health status. Data are examined using descriptive statistics, exploratory factor analysis, and correlation. An efficient 12-item, two-factor model is identified. Reducing the number of items from 18 to 12 does not have an untoward effect on either scale reliability or the amount of variance explained. Correlations with a measure of health status are modest, lending validity to the construct of self-care as being distinct from, yet related to, health status. It is concluded that the 12-item version of the DSCPI (c) is reliable and valid when used with adults.