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Book Reviews


THE MILITARY PRESENCE ON THE GULF COAST: GULF COAST HISTORY AND HUMANITIES CONFERENCE, VOLUME VII, edited by William S. Coker, reviewed by Don Higginbotham; TACACHALE: ESSAYS ON THE INDIANS OF FLORIDA AND SOUTHEASTERN GEORGIA DURING THE HISTORIC PERIOD, edited by Jerald T. Milanich and Samuel Proctor, reviewed by John W. Griffin; THE TROUBLE OF IT Is, by David M. Newell, reviewed by Gloria Jahoda; THE YOUNG HAMILTON: A BIOGRAPHY, by James Thomas Flexner, reviewed by Aubrey C. Land; THE RISE AND FALL OF THE PLANTATION SOUTH, by Raimondo Luraghi, reviewed by Julia F. Smith; MILLEDGEVILLE: GEORGIA’S ANTEBELLUM CAPITAL, by James C. Bonner, reviewed by Judson C. Ward, Jr.; WITH MALICE TOWARD NONE: THE LIFE OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN, by Stephen B. Oates, reviewed by James Rabun; FORTY ACRES AND A MULE: THE FREEDMEN’S BUREAU AND BLACK LAND OWNERSHIP, by Claude F. Oubre, reviewed by Jerrell H. Shofner; MY SOUL Is RESTED: MOVEMENT DAYS IN THE DEEP SOUTH REMEMBERED, by Howell Raines, reviewed by Numan V. Bartley; THE FEDERAL WRITERS’ PROJECT: A STUDY IN GOVERNMENT PATRONAGE OF THE ARTS, by Monty Noam Penkower, reviewed by Dorothy Dodd; MEDIA-MADE DIXIE: THE SOUTH IN THE AMERICAN IMAGINATION, by Jack Temple Kirby, reviewed by Ralph L. Lowenstein; ST. SIMONS MEMOIR, by Eugenia Price, reviewed by Marjory Bartlett Sanger; HUMAN RIGHTS ODYSSEY, by Marion Wright and Arnold Shankman, reviewed by Augustus M. Burns III; A HISTORY OF THE BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS AND ITS ACTIVITIES AMONG INDIANS, by Curtis E. Jackson and Marcia J. Galli, reviewed by R. T. King