Experimental Evaluation Of The Nightcool Nocturnal Radiation Cooling Concept: Progress Report: Initial Performance Assessment Of Test Buildings

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Parker, Danny

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Buildings; Cooling


An evaluation has been conducted of the potential of a night sky cooling system to substantially reduce space cooling needs in homes in North American climates. The report describes the innovative residential cooling system which uses nocturnal night sky radiation from a roof integrated radiator. The system uses a sealed attic covered by a highly conductive metal roof which is selectively linked by air flow to the main zone with the attic zone to provide cooling, largely during nighttime hours. Available house mass is used to store sensible cooling. Additional dehumidification is done during the evening hours as warranted by an interior control humidistat. A previous report describes a detailed simulation model of the relevant physical night cooling phenomenon, examining potential performance. Here we describe an experimental evaluation to obtain empirical data on concept performance using two highly instrumented test sheds. Data is presented on the comparative performance of the building thermal performance under static conditions (Nightcool not operating) and also in a circumstance where Nightcool is operating via natural convection alone between the interior of the test building and the sealed attic.

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Buildings - Cooling

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