PV Characterization Of CIGS2 Thin Film Solar Cells

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Kulkarni, Sachin; Ghongadi, Shantinath


PV Thin-Films


CIGS2 thin films were prepared by sulfurization of CuGa/In precursor on Mo-coated glass substrates in Ar:H2S(4%) mixture at 475''C. PV parameters of the best CIGS2 solar cells measured under AM 0 conditions at NASA GRC were as follows: Voc=739 mV, Jsc=26.01mA/cm2 , FF=63.7%, and ''=8.95%. Detailed current versus voltage and quantum efficiency analysis of ~9% (AM 0) efficient CIGS2 cells showed them to be normal, without serious limitations and some ways promising. Formation of a buried n+p homojunction probably due to Cd doping during CdS chemical bath deposition was inferred from enhancement of collection at low wavelengths under reverse bias. Such a junction is known to lead to high conversion efficiency. Values of series resistance Rs, shunt resistance Rp, diode factor A, and reverse saturation current Jo were ~0.6 '' cm2, ~1160 '' cm2, ~2.1 and ~2.6'~168 A cm-2 respectively. Preparation of ~8% AM1.5 efficient CIGS2 thin-film solar cells on Mo-coated stainless steel foil substrates for ultra lightweight solar cells is described.

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PV Thin-Films

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