postpartum depression; Latina; risk factors; disparities; treatments


The Hispanic population in the United States has increased to 62.1 million, significantly shaping the country's demographic landscape, with Hispanic women exhibiting the highest fertility rates. Concurrent with the population's growing trend is an increased prevalence rate of postpartum depression, with Latinas facing heightened risk factors. The inadequate representation of Latinas in postpartum depression research and healthcare guidelines exacerbates their vulnerability. The prevalence of postpartum depression among Latina women makes this condition a serious public health concern. Due to insufficient research on marginalized groups, emphasis is needed on culturally competent healthcare. This literature review aims to explore the underlying factors contributing to higher rates of postpartum depression among Latina women, analyzing existing research and any gaps or limitations in the existing body of knowledge. By examining common themes, it seeks to disclose intervention strategies that address the unique needs of this demographic. A literature review from 2020-2023 analyzed research on postpartum depression in U.S. Latina women, utilizing online databases, focusing on factors, interventions, and healthcare disparities. Identified were ten studies focusing on postpartum depression among Latina women, revealing themes such as unique risk factors, including discrimination, domestic violence, traumatic births, and healthcare access; disparities in access to treatment exacerbated by stigmatization and healthcare coverage gaps; and the effectiveness of community health worker in screening and treatment interventions. In conclusion, various risk factors and disparities were identified, with community health workers' involvement presenting a promising approach to addressing the unique experience of postpartum depression among Latina women.

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