Hispanic; Latinx; Education; Criminal; Workplace; College


This thesis focuses on the racial disparity within the Hispanic and Latinx communities as injustices exist within the community and the workplace. Racial disparities in the United States have been a persistent and deeply rooted issue that has plagued the nation for centuries. Despite significant progress in civil rights and anti-discrimination legislation, disparities in areas such as education, employment, and criminal justice persist. Understanding the factors contributing to these disparities is essential for addressing systemic inequalities and fostering a more just society. The analysis of this thesis primarily focuses on the cases and ramifications of Hispanic persons within the workplace, education, and court systems, as well as articles written by legal scholars on the impacts of discrimination against Hispanics and Latinx in the community. It is essential to address these disparities to promote equity and social justice for all individuals, regardless of race or ethnicity. By recognizing and addressing these issues, society can work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable environment for everyone.

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