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The Florida District Courts of Appeal have undergone many changes over the last three years, including the adoption of video conferencing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the creation of a brand-new district for the first time since 1979. Included in this series of changes was a new rule that moves most of the circuit court’s appellate jurisdiction into the jurisdiction the District Courts of Appeals (DCAs). This change has added to the systemic pressures of the Florida DCAs. While the creation of a new district is a step in the right direction to protect the effectiveness and perception of the state’s intermediate appellate courts, more needs to be done. Unfortunately getting data from the courts is difficult; thus, there is little way for the public to sense their effectiveness. While the integration of technology has been positive, the current resources available to the courts to dispose of its cases are in need of expansion. Finally, there is a general need for more support for judges and their staff. Overall, the way that Appellate Courts operate has significantly changed, and the stress they are under has in turn increased because of these reasons; the creation of a new district—while expensive— was an important step to preserving the integrity of the courts.

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