Ukrainian folklore; Slavic folklore; narrative frame; interactive digital media; interactive digital games


Immersion and narration opportunities, whether linear or not, provided by the medium of interactive digital games offer a wide variety of ways to immerse players in the world in front of them on the screen and to engage users’ interaction with information presented. This thesis documents a new interactive digital narrative game and presents an analysis of its genre and narrative mythological frames. The introduction paragraph opens on the importance of the chosen topic and its relevance to the wider media and general public. I review theoretical and fictional works - studied for this thesis and explain the importance of every source, as well as main theories and ideas that have served as current fundamentals of this thesis’ end project - a video game, such as to why it is specifically important to not only showcase historical aspects in media, but also folk, mythological, and ethnic traditions to properly represent the culture, backing it up with established theoretical guidelines of designing a proper interactive digital narrative. The methodology section presents an explanation for the time frames chosen and research methods applied and discussed over with the thesis chair. The proposal concludes with possible application of the video game in different areas outside of entertainment purposes, such as educational or cultural research areas, for example.

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