GIS; Map; Public Transit; Emergency Care; Census Tract; Accessibility


Intro: Public transit offers various advantages for both communities and individuals in terms of mobility and has the potential to serve as a practical alternative to private motorized transportation. Timely and convenient public transit becomes a lifeline for people who cannot access other types of transportation, especially when it comes to emergency care. Method: We built a private network analysis within ArcGIS Pro using coordinate data from hospitals and stand-alone emergency rooms as designated by the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) and public transit data from Orlando, FL. Establishing the accessible time as 30 minutes, we computed and visualized the accessible areas where individuals can get to a care facility within the time limit and via public transit. Then, we overlaid the map with demographic distribution and determined the relationship between populations' characteristics and access to care. Result: A total of 4178 active bus stops; among these, there are 1265 within a 5 to 10-minute walk to a care facility, and 68 bus routes, 249 actual care facilities, and 413 census tracts were found in the study area. Sixty-five census tracts showed less than 1% coverage, while 34 displayed complete 100% coverages, with the median service coverage across all tracts around 40%. The t-test series indicated a denser population and higher mobile homeownership in areas without level access. Conclusion: The investigation identified distinct spatial patterns in the distribution of care facilities, concentrated in the Central Business District, and created isolated areas between routes, potentially leaving unwell individuals in residential zones with limited access to timely care.

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