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Athlete Identity in Youth Athletics


In this project, I was able to further examine a topic that has piqued my interest for a while now. I have grown up within the athletic space and many of my friends and family have gone through the issues discussed in my research. Athlete Identity formation is a complex topic, that requires an interdisciplinary approach to begin solving. This topic is one that I plan to continue researching and working on. I hope to help alleviate the burden that athletes face at the end of their careers.

While I have known for the past couple of years that a career within the sports industry is what I want to pursue, this project helped me further determine that a career in athlete development is the specific avenue within sports I would like to work within. There are many pressing issues within athletics, each one needing to be addressed; however, my passion lies in helping athletes achieve health and well-being in their future endeavors, whether it be in athletics or not. I hope to promote health and well-being over money or power in youth athletics.

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