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Based on the current and recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, there is a strong need to train junior officers on COIN operations, to include security and development. This involves training to increase knowledge as well as to develop critical decision-making and analytical skills. UrbanSim is a serious game that has been developed recently to meet this need. UrbanSim’s original intent was to train Battalion commanders; however, it can also be of great benefit to train junior officers. UrbanSim trains users by utilizing specific training scenarios based on real-world situations faced by military leaders deployed to COIN environments. Research and experimental results from this study show that UrbanSim can improve the COIN knowledge and decision-making and analytical skills of junior Army officers beyond what is currently being taught at the Maneuver Captain’s Career Course (MCCC). In addition, the junior officers in this study recommended that UrbanSim be implemented Army-wide to train junior officers at the company and battalion level. If this is done, it will help junior officers in the U.S. Army to be better prepared for current and future conflicts in COIN environments. The following hypothesis was developed, tested, and accepted as a result of the research for this thesis: H:O = The use of UrbanSim does not improve company grade officers’ application of counterinsurgency skills, to include security and development, above that of the standard Program of Instruction (POI) currently being used at the U.S. Army Maneuver Captain’s Career Course. To conduct this experiment, forty participants from the Maneuver Captains Career Course were selected to test UrbanSim. A Situational Judgment Test was used to test for improvements in COIN application and results were tested with a Students T-Test and ANOVA. Additionally short answer questionnaires and After Action Reviews were conducted to measure qualitative input.

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