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TAEG Report No. 98 - Implementing The Computer Readability Editing System


Cottrell, Larry K.; Aagard, James A.; Risley, Peter; Cox, Ray; Guitard, Charles; Trotta, Carolyn; Gregory, Nora


Motion sickness -- Mathematical models; Simulator sickness -- Mathematical models


This report describes how to implement the Computer Readability Editing System (CRES). As described in a previous TAEG report (No. 83), the CRES is a writer's aid to improve the apprehensibility of technical manuals and training materials. It contains features to (1) flag uncommon words and long sentences, (2) suggest replacements for awkward words and phrases, and (3) calculate the readability grade level. The CRES is now being implemented as part of computer-based publishing systems. This report contains the computer program flow charts described in that program, a user's guide, and a programmer's guide to help potential users. This report is intended to be a companion document to TAEG Report No. 83, Development and Test of A Computer Readability Editing System (CRES).

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I INTRODUCTION -- Scope of Problem -- Purpose of the Report -- Organization of the Report; II IMPLEMENTING THE SYSTEM -- Transportability of CRES -- Word Lists -- Hardware -- Software -- Computer-Based Publishing Incorporating the CRES -- CRES as an Element of the Naval Technical Information Presentation System; III GUIDE TO THE USE OF THE CRES -- User's Guide -- Text File Subsystem -- Word Substitution Subsystem -- Supplementary Word Subsystem -- Phrase Substitution Subsystem -- Text Analysis Subsystem; REFERENCES -- Appendix A Master Menu -- Appendix B Text File Subsystem -- Appendix C Word Substitution File Subsystem -- Appendix D Supplementary Word File Subsystem -- Appendix E Phrase Substitution File Subsystem -- Appendix F Text Analysis Programs -- Appendix G WANG BASIC-2 Commands

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Orlando (Fla.);

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University of Central Florida. Institute for Simulation and Training. Training Analysis and Evaluation Group

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TAEG Report No. 98

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