According to TESOL standard 1, teacher candidates are required to have knowledge about language including: having knowledge in foreign language grammar and how English develops in ELLs (standard 1a), comprehension of language acquisition and how L1 influences learning (standard 1b), and understanding of the language process where an interlanguage develops as ELLs become comfortable using English (standard 1c) (TESOL International Association, 2018). To identify whether teacher candidates in TESOL courses are prepared to meet TESOL standards 1a, 1b, and 1c, a study was conducted to test one hundred teacher candidates’ knowledge of basic linguistic features of English and the five most commonly spoken native world languages of ELLs. By the end of the TESOL course, nineteen out of the twenty-five survey questions about basic linguistic features of the world languages used in this study had less than 50% of the participants choose the correct response. Only three of the questions showed significant change in the number of correct responses by the end of the course.



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