Serving as an information conduit between health care professional groups and associations and state health occupations educators is the primary focus of the Health Occupations Education Specialist in the U.S. Department of Education. The job description lists, among others, three assignments: provide national leadership in vocational health occupations education; identify and work with health care industry groups, employers, and labor representatives; and, provide leadership to Health Occupations Students of America. Activities related to providing leadership to state health occupations education representatives are carried out in four areas: personal contact with health occupations educators, a program memorandum, a series of telephone conference calls, and two national conferences. Among the health care industry groups identified are those found within federal government departments and agencies, members of health care professional associations, and representatives of industries supplying health care technological devices and materials. Providing leadership to Health Occupations Students of America is carried out by serving on the Board of Directors, maintaining contact with the National Office, and participating in activities of the National Coordinating Council of Vocational Student Organizations. The Program Specialist disseminates information gathered at the national level to state health occupations educators and collects information from state personnel to be shared with contact persons operating in the national arena.



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