The purpose of this study was to determine if students enrolled in their last quarter of Associate Degree Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programs exhibt specific patterns of leadership attributes and to determine if values of selected demographic variables account for observed differences in leadership attributes. The Leadership Opinion Questionnaire dimensioned on consideration and structure was used for analyzing leadership style. Validity of the scales was tested with factor analytic techniques. Inter-item consistency and split-half reliabilities were computed for the total questionnaire and for the two subscales. Measurement problems with the questionnaire were found. Factor analysis revealed an ill-conditioned matrix and every reliability coefficient, both corrected and uncorrected for anchor points, was negative indicating that estimates of measurement errors in the data exceeded information. Thus the questionnaire, when coded as recommended by Fleishman, was unsuitable for measuring leadership opinions of nursing students. Future research focused on detailed description of the measurement properties of the Leadership Opinion Questionnaire with students enrolled in various health occupations programs is recommended.



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