The purpose of this study was to develop factor dimensions and scale the Fleishman Leadership Opinion Questionnaire according to responses of nursing students enrolled in Associate Degree Nursing and Bachelor of Science Nursing Programs. Validity of the Fleishman scales, consideration and structure, for student nurses was tested using factor analytic techniques. Best results were based on clarity of factor pattern loadings for 2 factor VARIMAX rotated solutions from bounded raw data and covariance matrices. Both methods showed 13 of 20 items recommended by Fleishman loaded as Fleishman structure items and 12 of 20 loaded as Fleishman consideration items. Kaiser’s measure of overall sampling adequacy for these nursing student data varied between .72 and .97 at the item level. Reliability analysis produced satisfactory reliabilities for composite estimates based Factor Dimensions of LOQ on non-Fleishman algorithms. Generalized results suggest that nursing students exhibit specific patterns of leadership attributes somewhat different from the attributes suggested by Fleishman’s algorithms. Further research is recommended.



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