Purposes of this study were (a) to determine specific patterns of leadership attributes for officers at various levels of leadership and in various positions of service in Health Occupations Students of America, (b) to describe reLationships between their leadership attributes and selected demographic characterizations , (c) to adapt Fleishman’s Leadership Opinion Questionnaire for use with students in health occupations at the high school level, and (d) to summarize student performance on the adapted Leadership Opinion Questionnaire with sample norms. Factor Analysis, sequential multivariate analyses of variance techniques, and non-parametric statistical techniques were applied to the raw data. Norms were computed for 115 students in leadership positions from 27 schools in 2 districts of a southern state. Statistical differences at the .05 level were found for Sroups of student officers serving at local, state, and national levels: and Fcr groups described with joint attributes of sex and grade level.



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