To ascertain the assimilation of graduates into multiskilled practice, the Add-A-Comp Program, Methodist Hospital of Indiana, conducted an assessment of graduates over a 30-month period. Input was received both from the program’s graduates and supervisors of the graduates. Of the 40 responding graduates, 24 (60%) had functioned in a multiskilled capacity. The majority of graduates reported increased job satisfaction, security, challenge, opportunities, and perceived value to their employer resulting from their multiskilled employment, with 58% receiving additional compensation for multiskilled functioning. Of the 24 supervisor respondents, 92% felt that their multiskilled graduates’ knowledge and competency levels had met their expectations and that the sponsorship was worth the investment. Many of the Add-A-Comp modules utilize a self-directed learning packet approach with 92% of graduates using these packets indicating an excellent or satisfactory rating for this instructional method.



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