The North Carolina Health Occupations Education Task Force on Teacher Qualification analyzed current and projected trends and issues related to education and health care reform in order to discern appropriate current and projected teaching competencies for health occupations education teachers. Eight areas were reviewed: program planning, Health Occupations Student Association management, guidance and counselling, classroom management, school-to-work transition, program evaluation, professional development, and current issues and trends affecting education. Through a survey instmment, teachers were asked to examine each competency from two perspectives: how important is the competency in the position you hold, and how important will this competency be in your position for the year 2000 and beyond. For those competencies with significant differences between means, continual upgrading of education and skiUs is needed. These competencies can be the basis for planning programs at yearly conferences. In addition, required courses for secondary health occupations education licensure can be revised or expanded to meet these needs.



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