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Episode 32: Gulnora Hundley ’04MA ’08PhD: Destigmatizing Mental Health, Improving Education for Professionals


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Gulnora Hundley

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Knights Do That


Mental health; culturally competent mental health education; teletherapy


Season three of Knights Do That, UCF’s official podcast, returns with its fifth guest, double Knight Gulnora Hundley ’04MA ’08PhD, an associate lecturer in UCF’s Department of Counselor Education and School Psychology. As an Uzbekistan native who speaks Russian and is a mental health counselor with nearly 40 years of experience, Hundley has stepped up to provide free teletherapy sessions to Ukrainian mental health professionals since Russia’s invasion of the region. The immigrant and former international student knows first-hand how culture can impact differences in approaches to and understanding of mental health.

Here Hundley shares how the importance of culturally competent mental health education and practices, her work with broadening mental health training internationally and why mental health is an important part of overall well-being.

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Season 3

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Episode 32

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