Sharon Park, '19


Sharon Park, '19





Sharon Park is a junior studying mechanical engineering at the University of Central Florida (UCF). As well as being an engineering student, she is an undergraduate researcher in materials science and engineering at the Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center, focusing on gas atomization processes and additive manufacturing. She is also part of the Career Advancement and Mentorship Program at UCF working on developing a startup for a new audio technology, and a team member of AstroKnights competing in NASA’s Hybrid Rocket competition.

Sharon plans on using her engineering education and research experience in order to obtain a graduate degree. Eventually she plans to move on to make in impact in industry, in the field of sustainable energy. Along with mechanical engineering, Sharon’s interests include materials science, space exploration, efficient transportation and computer science. She hopes to have a major influence in one of these fields using her education, experience and strong desire to succeed.

Undergraduate Major

Mechanical Engineering

Sharon Park, '19