Cynthia Florentino, '14


Cynthia Florentino, '14



2012; 2013


Cynthia Florentino is a senior at the University of Central Florida where she is majoring in Political Science with a focus on International Relations. Cynthia's research interests include international development, political corruption in the developing world, grassroots movements, civic engagement and global human development. Cynthia serves as Director of Governmental Affairs for the Student Government Association and is Chair of the President's Leadership Council. In the future, Cynthia wants to serve as an analyst for research based advocacy groups in international development. She wishes promote the creation of contemporary policy proposals that target bedrock issues in the developing world.

Undergraduate Major

Political Science; Philosophy

Future Plans

International Education Policy

Summer Research

The Role of International NGOs in Combating Human Trafficking Conducted at the University of California Irvine as part of the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program and the UCF McNair Scholars Program. Mentor: Charles Anthony Smith, JD, PhD, Department of Political Science, University of California Irvine Abstract: Human rights literature has managed to analyze the legal framework of human trafficking and measure the effectiveness of policies adopted by the United States to fight it and protect its victims. In terms of global governance, the literature has examined the surge of international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in international courts, as well as their subsequent effect on the battle against human trafficking. In this work we bridge these literatures and study the role of international NGOs in combatting human trafficking on a transnational level by analyzing the reasons for emergence of NGOs in the international arena, specifically their role in UN Trafficking Protocol negotiations and the outcome of this this NGO grassroots. This analysis concludes that many of the INGOs are increasing their presence in policy implementation of many countries are taking center stage in the fight against human trafficking in terms of advocacy.

Summer Research Institution

Univeristy of California Irvine


International and Comparative Education | Philosophy | Political Science

Cynthia Florentino, '14