Natalia Marques de Silva, '10


Natalia Marques de Silva, '10





Natália Silva was born in São Paulo, Brazil. She moved to the United States with her family in December of 1999. She developed an interest for the Arts early on and chose the path of Art History to educate others in what she views as an important vehicle for expression and cultural interaction. In addition to being a McNair Scholar, Natalia also participates in the RAMP and HIM Programs.

Faculty Mentor

Kristin Congdon

Undergraduate Major

Art History


The Votive Experience: from Brazil to the Global Perspective Conducted at the University of Central Florida in the Spring of 2009 as part of the Honors in the Major program. Committee Chair: Dr. Kristin Congdon, Department of Philosophy Abstract: My study in Ex-Votos (religious sculptures of vows and devotion), varies from century old data to modern day findings. It is a process that is still practiced today, and my research aims to connect its origins to how it is currently thought of and used. Since I am dealing with a large time frame, my research methods have developed to include not only books and articles, but interviews with modern scholars and collectors to the field work in Bahia, Brazil. My findings and current research have accumulated into the exhibition Requesting Miracles: Votive Offerings from Diverse Cultures, March 2010 at the Alice & Williams Jenkins Gallery at Crealdé School of Art.

Graduate School

Florida International University (Ph.D.)


Classical Archaeology and Art History

Natalia Marques de Silva, '10