Arete, Sport and Society, American Sport History, Tennis, Andre Agassi, Jimmy Connors, Sports marketing


North American Society for Sport History; Tennis; U.S. Open (Tennis tournament); Agassi, Andre, 1970-; Connors, Jimmy, 1952-; Sports marketing


It's that special time of year when for the maniacal sports fan there is a smorgasbord of events on the table. The NFL has opened with its new 17-week regular season format and without Joe Montana. The baseball pennant races are coming down to the wire, and both the Atlanta Braves and Minnesota Twins are making their fans believe in miracles. College football is underway with FSU, Miami and Florida all ranked in the top five in most pre-season polls, and with both FSU and Miami winning impressively in their first game. Over the past ten days several world records were set at the World Track and Field Championships in Tokyo, including the glamour 100 meter race with Carl Lewis becoming the world's fastest human, and the astonishing new long jump record set by Mike Powell. Bob Beaman's long jump record set at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City was one of those records which many thought would never be broken. And finally the fourth of the Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments, the U.S. Open is heading into its final weekend.

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