The Pineapple Podcast is hosted by Rosen College and Rosen College Student Services (RCSS). With the help of Rosen Knights, faculty, staff and industry experts. Pineapple Podcast shares thoughts and ideas from the heart of hospitality. Your Hosts are: Cameron Leonard, Baylee Behrens, Natalia Fernandez, Hannah Bauer.

You can find The Pineapple Podcast:
Pineapple Podcast IG: Pineapple Podcast 🍍 (@rosen.pineapple.podcast) • Instagram photos and videos

If you would like to suggest a topic or idea, please email Cameron Leonard

Remember, the topics should be relevant to Rosen College or the hospitality industry.

Transcripts for each episode can be found in the Pineapple Podcasts Transcripts collection.


Submissions from 2023

Episode 2: Get Started Now (An Academic Advising PSA), Cameron Leonard

Rosen Alumni Hospitality Knight, Cameron Leonard

Submissions from 2022

Episode 1: To Disney or Not to Disney, Cameron Leonard

Submissions from 2019

Get with P.O.M.P, Edwina Norvelus

Making the Most Out of Your Time, Edwina Norvelus and Clement McIntosh

Rosen College Pineapple Podcast, Edwina Norvelus and Clement McIntosh