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Chance 2 Dance; sensory friendly


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Today we have a special guest for you! We have Nicole Warren from Chance 2 Dance (C2D). In 2018, Nicole Warren designed the blueprints for a new dance studio vision; C2D built out the state of Florida's First sensory-friendly dance studio and black box theater to provide a safe, inclusive, and accommodating atmosphere for all individuals to receive specialized dance classes. Chance 2 Dance is Central Florida's only inclusive and accommodating dance organization that provides complete programming for the special needs and disabled community.

These classes were also recognized as a 'Unique Abilities Partner' for staffing on-site work experience employees with jobs to nurture and support life skills. Nicole is also the owner of Odyssey Dance Company; a youth-elite training dance company, and co-owner of Inclusive Impact Initiative; where she became a #1 Best Selling children's author for co-writing 'An Inclusive Classic: Peter Pan in Everland.'

Tune in today to learn how Nicole focuses on the future as an advocate for acceptance and hopes to help our modern world embrace opportunities for all individuals through equal-arts options and dance.

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