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Andrew Dury, Barbados, James Harrison, Pennsbury Pennsylvania, John Edmonson, William Berry, James Thomas, Quakers, Society of Friends, Social network, Trade


Letter dated November 27, 1686 (November 17, 1686 Old Style) from Andrew Dury to James Harrison. The letter discusses goods and business matters between the two.


Barbados The 17th of the 9th Moth [month] 1686
Lo: [Loving] ffriend [Friend] James Harrisson [James Harrison]
After my Kinde [kind] love to thee [you] thy [your] wife and ffamily [family] these may Acquat [acquaint]
thee [you], I formerly Desired of thee [you] to Receive and teake [take] posession [possession]
for me from John Edmonson Junr: [Junior] Eighteene [eighteen] hundred Achers [acres] of
Land On Murder Creek [Murderkill River, Delaware]: ye [the] Bill of Sale for ye [the] Same I sent thee [you]
a copey [copy] of and I allso [also] sent thee [you] a power of Atturney [attorney] to Demand
the same, yr [there] was Allso [also] Meintiond [mentioned] in ye [the] Same power One
William Berry As I remember, A man of Knowne [known] Repute
As I am Informd [informed] by ye [the] sd [said] Edmonson [John Edmonson], I desire the [thee/you] Gett [get] him to
Assist thee [you], for he is a friend unknowne [unknown] to me, & [and] As yet
have never writ [written] to him, but now heare [here] is A Lettr [letter] Inclos’d [enclosed] for him
wch [which] I desire thee [you] Convey to him by ye [the] first Oportunaty [opportunity]
I Sent thee [you] On My Owne [own] Accot [account] By James Thomas six hhds [hogsheads] & [and]
fower [four] Large Barlls [barrels] Rum: and ffower [four] Barlls [barrels] of Malts wch [which]
I hope thou [you] hast [have] Recd [received] before now and Sold to My Content
Rum now is Sold heare [here] for 15d [pence] a Gall [gallon], I purpose [propose] to send thee [you]
Moore [more] of our Cuntry [country] Goods next 2d [2nd] & [and] 3d [3rd] Months Inorder [in order] to
have Money Against Icom [income] for yor [your] party wch [which] will be
wth [with] Gods Assitance [assistance] ye [the] next fall, fformerly [formerly] I desird [desired] thee [you]
to pale in ye [the] Lott [lot] of Land bought for me in the Citty [city] wch [which] if not
Donn [done] pray Get it Doon [done] and thy [your] Charges On yr [your] or Any thing
Else On My Accot [account] Shall be Allowed thee [you] By thy [your] Loveing [loving]
ffriend [friend]
Andrew Dury
By ye [the] first Lett [let] me have my Accot [account] of Sales
To James Harrisson [James Harrison]
Merchtt [Merchant] These Att [at]
The Gouernur’s [Governor’s] house
Att [At] Pensilveany [Pennsylvania]
Pr [Per] Servt [servant]
P [Per] Capt [Captain] Peirce [Captain Pierce]
Andrew Dury
Barbadoes [Barbados]
9 Mot [month] 7 1686
James Harrison










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Receiver (Linked data)

Harrison, James, 1628-1687 [LC]

James Harrison (Q102115513) [Wikidata]

Sender Place (Linked data)

Barbados [GeoNames]

Barbados [LC]

Receiver Place (Linked data)

Township of Pennsbury [GeoNames]

Pennsbury (Pa. : Township) [LC]

Organization (Linked data)

Society of Free Quakers [LC]

Quakers (Q170208) [Wikidata]

Society of Friends [LC]

Family (Linked data)

Pemberton family [LC]

Pemberton Family (Q113325696) [Wikidata]



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