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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Phineas Pemberton

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Falls Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; "living at the Falls of the Delaware"

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Historical Society of Pennsylvania

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Abigail Pemberton, Philadelphia, Phineas Pemberton, Falls Township, Bucks County, Thomas [Rogers], Thomas Rogers, Matthew Robinson, Israel Pemberton, Robert Hodgson, Robert [Hodgson], Quakers, Society of Friends, social network


Letter dated December 20, 1697 (December 10, 1697 Old Style) from Abigail Pemberton to her father, Phineas Pemberton.


The 10th 10/mo 97 [The 10th of 10th month 1697] [December 10, 1697]

Honered [Honored] father I have reseved [received] thy letther [your letter] which giveth [gives]

An [ink blot] account of some bags what bags I know not for Thomas Ro [Thomas Rogers]

hath not been [has not been] heear [hear] since thou [you] went up I reseved [received] one old bag

with 2 cheeses which thou [you] sent by mathew Robinson [Matthew Robinson] [I A/ J A?] [John Abraham?] [John Allred?] hath

sent [have sent] 5 coard [cords] of wood and [...ll] [illegible—ink blot with hole] paid him 40 shilings [shillings] the hay

came that night that Isreal [Israel Pemberton] fel il [fell ill] so I could not [rake/take?] that [core/cove?] as

I could at Another time and [ink blot] [hit] [it] was put into [mary yours stable?]

and shee [she] had let hit out [let it out/lent it out] to John Crap and hee [he] put his horses in

and they eat [ate] a great deale [deal] of it before I knew and had in tended [intended]

to let them eat hit [it] all but as Nathan [Stinberee?] [Nathan Stoneberry?] was so cind [kind] as to send mee [me]

word when he knew but hit [it] was that day we^e^ik [week] after S [Nubee?] [S Newby?] when

hee [he] bought [brought] word hee [he] promised to send a negro with [hit?] [it] for I tould [told]

him that I could not tel [tell] how for to send for hit [it] because my brother

was sick Robrt Ho [Robert Hodgson] hath sent [has sent] A [pil?] [pill?] and hit [it] must bee gevin [be given to] her

at night when shee goeth [she goes] to bed and shee [she] must bee kept [be kept] veri [very] warm

must not dring [drink] anything that is coul [cool/cold] and I have inclosed [enclosed] it in

the letter Robrt Owin [Robert Owen] is dead he died yester day [yesterday] in the morning

and his youngest [youngest] child is dead all so [also] no more at precent [present] but [...nd] [illegible—ink blot] [send?]

ourer [our] dutfull [dutiful] respects so I conclude thy dutifull dougher [your dutiful daughter]

Abigail Pemberton

pray remember my cind [kind] love to as m

many as shall ask after uss [us] James and Ben and [Bec/Bet/Ber?] [illegible—ink blot]

[Written on bottom right corner of page.]

if thou [you] could send turnops [turnips] or eni thing [anything]

els [else] it would bee excepttble [be acceptable] to bile [boil/bill?] with

[t…?] [illegible—ink missing] [the] salt meat [illegible—page tear]

[page 2]

ffor [For]

Phinihas Pemberton [Phineas Pemberton]

Thes [These] living at the

ffals of dalawar [Falls of the Delaware River] [Falls Township, Bucks County]

care [series of delivery abbreviations/notations]

[Written below in a more modern hand, aligned and oriented to the left margin]

Abigail Pemberton


10mo 10. 1697 [December 10, 1697]


Phineas Pemberton

Falls [Falls Township, Bucks County]









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