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Lancaster Castle; Lancaster, Lancashire, England


Ralph Pemberton

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Aspull, Lancashire, England; Blackrod, Lancashire, England; at the sign of the White Horse

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Historical Society of Pennsylvania

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Phineas Pemberton, Lancaster, Lancaster Castle, Ralph Pemberton, Aspull, Reginald Allenson, Blackrod Lancashire, sign of the White Horse, Nehemiah Poole, Francis Dunn, Quakers, Society of Friends, prison, justice system, jails, persecution, imprisonment


Letter dated September 11, 1670 (September 1, 1670 Old Style) from Phineas Pemberton to his father, Ralph Pemberton. Phineas tells his father of an offer for liberty if he and his fellow prisoners sign a certificate for their jailer.


Lo: fa: [Loving father] [Ralph Pemberton]

my duty to thee [you] rembered [remembered] this is to acqaint thee [you] yt: [that] this day Isaac moss [Isaac Moss’s] son

ye [the] bearer hereof Came from manchester to this towne [town] & [and] there will be [unknown character: space filler]

Nothing done as to our liberty; unless we will give a certificate under our [unknown character: space filler]

hands unto ye: [the] Jaylor [jailer] = yt: [that] we will pleade [plead] unto ye: [the] Indyctnt: [indictment/incident] att [at] ye: [the] Next quarter [unknown character: space filler]

sessions att [at] manchester, I have sent both ye: [the] paper yt: [that] was sent from west

to ye: [the] Justices att [at] manchester, & [and] ye: [the] Answer yt: [that] ye [the] Justises [justices] gave to Isaac moss [Isaac Moss’s]

wife, & [and] to Nemiah Poole [Nehimiah Poole], where thou [you] may better understand the thing

how it is, how ever [however], looke [look] in ye: [the] paper yt: [that] west sent, & [and] thou [you] shal [shall] see [space filler: xxx]

(untill [until] ye: [the] Next Lancaster sizes [assizes] to be here held, & [and] then to plead according to

Law, & [and] as ye [the] said Justices shal [shall] so cause)^*^ now looke [look] in theire [their] Answer

& [and] thou [you] shal [shall] se [see] (you would Answer att [at] yt: [that] Next sessions as ye: [the] Noate [note] said)

now this is theire [their] polecy [policy] ye: [the] note doth [does] not mention ye: [the] sessions but the

sizes [assizes], but as I understand ye: [the] [they] would have us Answer according to ye [the]

Note yt: [that] is to plead, for which cause we were sent hither [here] because

we would neither submit nor [t…avis?] & [and] if we do yt: [that] now we fall under

them so I canot [cannot] say what Isaac [Isaac Moss] will do in it, but I am sure [ink blot: if]

I do not Intend to comply so far to their wills, so I would have thee [you]

to send me my box by ye: [the] first for as I said before I can feele [feel] littel [little]

of our liberty unless we must use some Indyrect [indirect] meanes [means], so I

desire to heare [hear] from thee [you] & [and] how it is with my master by ye: [the] first

I heare [hear] he has not gone home it is not much matter of letting

him see this letter but if thou [you] se [see] ocation [occasion] thou [you] may show him

these 2 papers, I would have thee [you] to see if ye: [the] seale [seal] yt: [that] it ben [been]

[ink blot: PP] lest att [at] any time my letters should be broken up if ye: [they] be let

me know ffrancis Dunn [Francis Dunn] had got his liberty before I came & [and]

was gone away, littel [little] said for my staying, ye: [the] man but tooke [took] for

ye: [the] hire of ye: [the] horse 2s: [2 shillings] being some thing [something] in hast [haste] I Rest with

my love to my ant [aunt] & [and] Elin [Elinor Haydock?] & [and] to all ye: [the] Rest of freinds [friends], thy [your] duty=ful [dutiful]


if thou [you] have a comb for me I would have thee [you] to ^Lap [wrap?] it in paper^

& [and] [uncord?] ye: [the] box thou [you] may put it under the lid & [and] cord it again

phinehas pemberton [Phineas Pemberton]

1 day 7 mo [month]


[Written along the left margin. Asterisk from “cause.”]

* if we have our liberty by this Note yt [that] west

write it some thing [something] Engages us to plead att [at] ye [the] sizes [assizes], but ye [they] would have us at ye [the] sessions

[page 2]

[At the top of the page.]

ffor [For]

His Loving ffather [Father] Ralph: [character: \\]

pemberton [Ralph Pemberton] in Aspull [symbol: ddd] [deliver?]

Leave this att [at] Regnall: [character: \\\]

Allenson [Reginald Allenson] att [at] ye: [the] Signe [sign] of the

wt: horse [White Horse] neare [near] Blackrod [Blackrod, Lancashire, England] to be

sent as above written [character: \\\\]

[In a more modern hand, upside down at the bottom of the page.]

Phineas Pemberton

7 mot [month] 1/70 [1st day 1670]


Ralph Pemberton












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