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Sarah Swiersz





Sarah is pursuing a major in Interdisciplinary Studies with Concentrations in Computational and Physical Sciences and Minors in Geoscience and Environmental Studies. She works in the Bennett Astrochemistry Lab in the Planetary Sciences Group. Sarah is also a member of the Political Ecology Lab of the Political Science Department. Her research is motivated by an insatiable curiosity for understanding and engaging with the nuances of human-environment relationships and advancing climate justice through global environmental governance. In addition to her research, Sarah is the Treasurer of the UCF Triathlon Club, TriKnights and is a member of the Student Sustainability Advisory Committee. Sarah hopes to pursue a graduate education and career in science and technology policy.

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Chris Bennett, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and the Planetary Sciences Group at UCF

Undergraduate Major

Interdisciplinary Studies, Concentrations in Computational and Physical Sciences, Minors in Environmental Studies and Geoscience

Future Plans

Sarah plans to serve the United States as a policy analyst working at the intersection of international relations and science, technology, and environmental policy. My goal is to facilitate collaboration between foreign policymakers, researchers, and community stakeholders to find and create solutions to the physical and social dimensions of environmental issues, emphasizing the advancement of climate justice on a global scale through local implementations of technological innovations.


Theoretical Calculations of Raman Activities of N-O Bonds in Various NO Species

Dr. Christopher Bennett


Sea-Level Rise and Climate Justice for Native Americans: An Analysis of the United States' Response and Responsibilities

Dr. Peter Jacques


The UCF Herbarium as a Community-Based Resource: A Case Study

Dr. Elizabeth Harris


Municipal-Level American-Russian Citizen Diplomacy and the Global Sustainable Development Goals

Dr. Alla Kourova


900-Year Annual Record of Hurricane Activity From Cay Sal Bank, The Bahama

Dr. Pete van Hengstum

Texas A&M-Galveston


Physical chemistry, computational quantum chemistry, surface science, atmospheric chemistry and global warming


Biochemistry | Molecular Biology

Sarah Swiersz