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KeTaira Phillips was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. She is majoring in biology at the University of Central Florida. KeTaira has always had a passion for the sciences, finding much interest in the areas of animal behavior and genetics across many species. Her research interests include mating and social behaviors, and most recently developmental biology. Under the mentorship of Dr. John Weishampel, KeTaira works in the Geospatial Analysis & Modeling Ecological Systems (GAMES) Lab. KeTaira now immerses herself in her research where she maps artificial nigh light trends on sea turtle nesting beaches in the state of Florida. She intends to pursue a master’s degree in biology. She has found this field of work interesting and fulfilling, and hopes to continue conducting research in the future. KeTaira hopes to inspire more people to conduct their own research and participate in STEM programs, wanting to share the same delight and fulfillment she feels with others.

Faculty Mentor

John Weishampel, Ph.D.

Undergraduate Major


Future Plans

Master's Degree in Biology


Biology | Life Sciences

KeTaira Phillips