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Christopher Martin is from Tampa, Florida and majors in chemistry with a focus in biochemistry. His passion for biochemistry originates in high school and he hopes to earn a doctoral degree in a closely related field. During his time at UCF, Chris has participated in multiple research-oriented programs. The L.E.A.R.N program proved the genesis of his current connection with principal investigator, Dr. Chumbimuni-Torres. He has been a member of Dr. Torres’s lab since the Spring semester of 2016, where his work revolves around the development of an electrochemical sensor used for the detection of specific sequences of DNA/RNA. Chris wishes to pursue a Ph.D. somewhere in the wide range of the biological sciences. His future research interests include the identification and potential manipulation of enzymes in the treatment of disease, both infectious and genetic. Chris’s ultimate goal is to translate his education into a career in industry where he can perform valuable research in an area such as drug discovery or biotechnology.

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Torres

Undergraduate Major

Chemistry- Biochemistry Track

Future Plans

Biological Sciences Ph.D.


Undergraduate Research Assistant


Chemistry | Medicine and Health Sciences

Christopher Martin