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Erica Castaneda is majoring in biomedical sciences with a minor in psychology. Until recently, Erica was the Director of Volunteer Affairs for the Honors Congress at UCF. Her passion to help animals, inspires her to become involved in conservation efforts and pursue veterinary school. This past summer, she interned at Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge where she helped rehabilitate Central Florida’s wildlife and she is currently working as a kennel technician at University Animal Hospital. She will participate in a study abroad trip to South Africa’s Nkosinathi Community Center in order to assist conservation efforts on the Nambiti Game Reserve.

Erica works with the Science and Planning in Conservation Ecology (SPICE), conducting independent research since September 2016. Her research investigates the effect of traffic noise on Cuban Tree frog (Osteopilus septentrionalis) tadpole feeding behavior. After veterinary school, Erica intends to continue her involvement in conservation efforts through research and volunteer work.

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Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, DVM


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Erica Castaneda