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My name is Cameron Taylor and I am currently studying Computer Science at the Univeristy of Central Florida. I am currently working as an undergraduate research assistant for Dr. Alexander Mantzaris. My main work is to assist Dr. Mantzaris on a project called SocialSim. The project is funded by a grant from DARPA and has several principle investigators from multiple universities, however the lead investigator is Dr. Ivan Garibay from the University of Central Florida. My role within the project is to help understand the social dynamics present between users on GitHub by viewing the interactions of users and repositories as a network. I am also currently working on a paper that looks into the impact of social media content pushing upon users and how the choice of algorithm for content selection may effect polarization of a community. In the future I plan to attended graduate school to pursue a PhD in Computer Science with a specialization in artificial intelligence. I would like to continue doing work research general AI and also potentially start my own AI consulting company.

Faculty Mentor

Ivan Garibay, Ph.D.

Undergraduate Major

Computer Science

Future Plans

Computer Science Ph.D.


Computer Sciences

Cameron Taylor