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Adam Searles





Adam is a fourth generation Floridian and avid tennis player. He was born in raised in Palm Bay, Florida on the Indian River Lagoon. Growing up he developed a love for coastal ecosystems and the beauty of nature. He spent all of his time growing up outdoors playing tennis, fishing, hiking, camping, and hanging out at the beach. He decided to attend UCF to study marine ecology in order to help preserve coastal ecosystems across the globe.

Faculty Mentor

Geoffrey Cook Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Undergraduate Major


Future Plans

Master's Degree in Biology


Advisor: Dr. Geoffrey Cook. Institution: University of Central Florida
Abstracts: 1. Quantifying Length-Weight Relationships for Ecological Indicator Species in Indian River Lagoon, Florida • Developing regression models to estimate biomass and develop quantitative food webs in Mosquito Lagoon, FL 2. Assessing the Impact of Restoration on Macroinvertebrates on Oyster Reefs and Living Shorelines in Mosquito Lagoon, FL • Honors in the Major Thesis – Observe and record diversity shifts and succession patterns of macroinvertebrates on control and restored oyster reefs 3. The St. Lucie Disaster • Analysis of the declining health of the St. Lucie Estuary as well as solution proposals 4. Determining Physical and Ecological Factors Affecting Abundances of Juvenile Indicator Species in the Indian River Lagoon • Evaluated the physical factors impacting distribution and abundance of Lagodon rhomboides and Cynoscion nebulosus and their trophic interaction


Biology | Life Sciences | Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology

Adam Searles