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Mathias Rodriguez





Mathias Rodriguez was born and raised in Panama City, Panama. He previously graduated from the University of Florida with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting. After working two years in the public accounting industry, Mathias decided to return to school to pursue his passion in materials science by majoring in mechanical engineering at the University of Central Florida. Mathias is currently researching polyelectrolyte complexes to synthesize silk-inspired biomimetic nanostructure materials that would be durable and strong enough so that it could be used to make a variety of materials like spacesuits. He plans to obtain his Ph.D. in biomolecular engineering and become a college professor.

Faculty Mentor

Lorraine Leon Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Undergraduate Major

Mechanical Engineering

Future Plans

Biomolecular Engineering Ph.D.


Advisor: Dr. Lorraine Leon

Institution: University of Central Florida


A variety of polyelectrolyte complexes with finely tuned protein secondary structures are being designed to generate polymers that span a spectrum of applicability: Self-healing smartphone material, biocompatible wound healing bandages, and even spacesuits. Varying the structure of oppositely charged block copolypeptides, which consist of both racemic and homochiral domains, an assortment of coacervates are created with varying levels of flexibility, strength, and toughness. Leveraging the ability to alter electrostatic and hydrogen bonding forces is being explored in order to create these complexes, as analysis is performed to determine the ideal complex polypeptide ratios, salt concentrations, pH, and temperature.


Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering | Engineering | Medicine and Health Sciences

Mathias Rodriguez