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Jose Rivera





I am a junior student perusing a Bachelor's of Science in Economics at the University of Central Florida. Currently, I serve as a Research Assistant for Fernando Rivera, PhD in Sociology, at UCF. As of now, we are working in a research study focused in the emergency management process in Puerto Rico during hurricane Maria. My undergraduate research is done as part of my formation as a Scholar of the Research And Mentoring Program at UCF. Also, I serve as the President of the Puerto Rican Student Association at UCF where I apply concepts learned through my research experiences. My engagement as a student goes from the academics, to the research, and finally to the action.

Faculty Mentor

Fernando Rivera, PhD in Sociology and Associate Professor of Sociology

Undergraduate Major

Bachelor's of Science in Economics

Future Plans

Master's in Political Economics


Title: Sociological Perspectives on the phases of emergency management forHurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Advisor: Fernando Rivera, PhD in Sociology, University of Central Florida.

Abstract: This study explores the four phases of emergency management (mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery) for Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico from federal and local agencies. Results suggest that the magnitude of the storm, previous financial struggles, and lack of preparedness were the main factors that influenced the response of local agencies in managing the emergency. Also, results demonstrate that previous disasters, lack of priority, and demographic challenges were the main factors that influenced federal agencies response to the emergency. The findings of this study provide a comprehensive review of the emergency management procedures taken by federal and local agencies before, during and after Hurricane Maria.


Economics | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Sociology

Jose Rivera