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Chance Brewer, a native Floridian,is an undergraduate student at the University of Central Florida studying mechanical engineering with research focus on heat and mass transport at the micro scale. As a peer mentor for the Learning Environment and Academic Research Network program at the University of Central Florida, he takes part in guiding and helping transfer students interested in becoming undergraduate researchers. Now, as a RAMP scholar he gets to expand on his current research in interfacial transport studies and work on his academic and professional portfolio as he prepares for graduate school and what comes next. He is an avid astronomy enthusiast and take part in occasional night observations including leading group events that allow fellow undergraduate students to explore the night sky using a telescope.

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Shawn Putnam, Assistant Professor

Undergraduate Major

Mechanical Engineering

Future Plans

Mechanical Engineering Ph.D.


Construction and Implementation of Sample Surface Fabrication Techniques at the Micro Scale. PI: Dr. Shawn Putnam. University of Central Florida. Modification of the surface stamping device created previously for making samples to be used in droplet experiments. This device will now be modified to handle jobs that will create samples for multipurpose use in fluid mechanics and heat transfer studies as the micro scale. With the hope that a much more cost-effective and time saving method for creating samples can be implemented not only for this lab but for labs and industries across the country.


Aerospace Engineering | Applied Mathematics | Engineering | Materials Science and Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Chance Brewer